The great distances to the markets, and the storage need to get better commercialization windows, makes necessary the use of Post- Harvest technologies to delay self-senescence effects for each fruit variety.

To prevent losses at harvest and ensure the quality of these foods for the local costumer, as well as export, PostHarvest Management advises on various management lines to obtain good quality fruit: the conservation of its nutritional properties and the different form where packaging, storage and shipment could affect their qualities.

Working areas

Evaluation ``in situ`` of problems, previous factors to harvest that have relevant effects on the subsequent fruits & vegetables conservation.

Packaging study and analysis, and how it can affect the fruit & vegetables post-harvest.

To provide integral solutions in terms of storage technologies and techniques, in order to improve both quality and condition at arrival of our fruit to the final costumer.


PAG BN copia

Pablo E. Acuña G.

Ingeniero Agronomo M.Sc.

AGRONOMIST FROM the University of Chile, MASTER in Agricultural Sciences, with broad experience both importing/buying and exporting fruit from and to different markets, as well as a provider of technologies for the preservation of fruits and vegetables worldwide.

Additional skills and experiences

Global Strategies
Portofolios / Projects Management
Orientation towards consumers
International Marketing Program
Development of new products

Market experience

Chile 100%
Peru 96%
Brasil 65%
Argentina 78%
Mexico 85%
U.S.A. 75%
England 95%
Greek 70%
Spain 80%
China 84%

Laboral Experience